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In this collection, we shall occasionally publish texts of interest to military historians worldwide.

Insurgency and Counterinsurgency as historiographical subjects: a selected bibliography

By Martin Bürgin, historian, scientific assistant at the Military Academy at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich; Translation: Michel Buchli


Nicola Labanca, Development and Change in the Writing of Military History from World War Two to the Present.

This text is the English version of a paper first presented in Italian under the title ‘Sviluppo e cambiamento nella storia militare dalla seconda Guerra mondiale ad oggi’ as a chapter in the International Commission’s Revue Internationale d’Histoire Militaire No. 91, edited by Erwin A. Schmidl: 1938–2013: 75 Years International Commission of Military History (Vienna: CIHM & Verlag Militaria, 2013), pp. 11-81.