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Website of the XLIInd International Military History Congress in Istanbul

Some pictures of the XLI Congress in Beijing (30 August - 4 September 2015)


About the International Commission of Military History

The International Commission of Military History (ICMH) promotes military history research, publication and education on a global basis. The intellectual focus of the ICMH is on the history of the conduct of warfare and the history of armed forces which engage in war. The ICMH also investigates the causes and effects of war, defence economics, civil-military relations, military technology, military leadership, and demographics of military forces.


The ICMH strives to be a platform for the exchange of ideas by and for military historians. The ICMH is an organization of many commissions, in which the military historians of the various member states are represented.  These national commissions are the foundation and strength of the ICMH.  Each of these national commissions is self-governing and some commissions sponsor military history activities within its own nation.

The ICMH maintains three standing committees on bibliography, archives and education, whose work offers key information and contacts to all ICMH members.

The ICMH endeavours to achieve its objectives in the following ways:

The ICMH Board aims to increase the number of national commissions and thus to extend the organization’s footprint. At the most profound level, however, the value of the ICMH lies in the personal relations developed by the individual members and their shared sense of purpose and common values, especially in promoting the integrity of the historical study of military affairs. These relations and values often transcend national perspectives and thus contribute to greater international understanding and intellectual collaboration.

Massimo de Leonardis

President of the International Commission of Military History